The Fable. Mystery of the Harp
Short animation with original music

Director, animator, composer: Solas

Music Video • 5 min 41 sec • Animation, Family, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Music
Completed Mar 2017

Art is a real magic, you need just to believe in this. Because sometimes only one drop of ink can start the story full of mystery.

It is a beautiful sad story about music, inspiration and love. The Young Man tried to find his inspiration and accidentally
his pen gave life to the beautiful Inky Lady. He fell in love with this girl, but like every magical creature, she couldn’t stay in our «ordinary world» for the long time… The Inky Lady dissapeared, but she gave the young man the last gift — a magic Harp. This harp was a reservoir for the soul of the Inky Lady. In this form she could stay with the Young Man forever. The Young Man found the true inspiration in music of the Harp and became a Musician.

This animation has been shown at film festivals:

Cartoon Club Rimini (Italy)
Cinemagic Film and Television Festival (United Kingdom)
International Film Festival Listapad (Belarus)

short animation, The Fable

short animation, The Fable