About Lumiere Tales

Lumiere Tales is a blend of electronic and acoustic music. It’s a project by musician and composer Ivan Solas. Lumiere Tales music is related to genres: new age, neo folk, indie, electronic, dance.

Ivsan Solas, Lumiere Tales music

Lumiere Tales is also a music band. My gratitude for collaboration to musicians Andrey Sokolov, Alexander Tikko.

Ivsan Solas, Lumiere Tales music

I play the Celtic harp, flute, pan flute, whistle, ukulele, piano and create original music and covers. You can find our officially released music at Discography

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I will be very grateful if you become my patron. It’s possible to do this via Boosty boosty.to/solasmusic

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Lumiere Tales, celtic harp, music, light show, performance, neon


2013  «Elven Forest» 

Lumiere Tales. Elven Forest album
The first album «Elven Forest» was published in 2013 (instruments: piano, flute, electronica).

2014 «Le Coeur Du Vent»

Lumiere Tales - indie, new age, neofolk music

EP «Le Coeur Du Vent» was released in 2014 ( instruments: celtic harp, electric guitar, voice, electronica).

2019 «Lunarium»

Lunarium, celtic. album, downtempo, Lumiere Tales, release

The new album «Lunarium» was released in December 2019 with the support of Neostatics Sounds. «Lunarium» includes six tracks created in the period 2015-2019. You can find original instrumental music (celtic harp, pan flute, guitar) in compilation with an electronic sound in this new album.

2020 — 2021 Singles

melodic, chillout, chill, music

The single «Equinox»

edm 2021, EDM 2022, dance, melodic, chillout, chill, music

The single «Wounded Bird»