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Outlyre Harp Festival (Austria)

Wonderful town Gussing. If anyone going to Austria, please visit this beautiful place. Friendly, hospitable people. Beautiful landscape with the castle of Gussing. In this town we had a great time on the Outlyre Harp Festival I was glad to meet talented musicians and performers Sabine James (Austria — France), Calvin Arsenia (USA), Severine […]

Lumiere Tales. Elven Forest album

Lumiere Tales — «Elven Forest» album (2013)

«Elven Forest» album (2013) Genres: #chillout / #new age / #ambient / #neoclassic Instruments: piano, flute, electronica Publisher: United Studios Corporation (USC) Magical immersion into fabulous atmosphere, filled with fantasy imagery, voices of birds and forest, sounds of wind and water, touched by tender golden sunlight. Composed by Lumiere Tales. All instruments programmed, piano and […]