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Ivan Solas, Lumiere Tales, France

Performances in France

This year, Lumiere Tales performed together with the Theatre Dom Solntsa in France. This was possible thanks to the support of the European Union and the EU4Culture project. Performances were held in the center of France (Souvigny, Chantelle): the Chapeau Rouge gallery, the residence and gallery ARTHOUSE Chantelle, and the art cafe of the Baba […]

Lumiere Tales. Elven Forest album

Listen to Elven Forest

The first official Lumiere Tales album was realeased in 2013 with the title «Elven Forest». Genres: #chillout / #new age / #ambient / #neoclassic Instruments: piano, flute, electronica Publisher: United Studios Corporation (USC) Magical immersion into fabulous atmosphere, filled with fantasy imagery, voices of birds and forest, sounds of wind and water, touched by tender […]

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First-Time Filmmaker Sessions festival and our Wounded Bird.

The tune Wounded Bird was written a very long time ago. Finally, it was released as a Wounded Bird single in 2021 In 2022, I made a cartoon for this melody, what is participating in the First-Time Filmmaker Sessions festival now. The festival have started online 28 March 2022. My animation Wounded Bird […]

Bird, fantasy, animation, children

New animation video — Wounded Bird

I’ve just created the animation video for our latest single Wounded Bird! I hope you will like it! In the magical forest, a bird was injured on a sharp and thorny bush. Unable to fly, she went through the forest and met a mysterious spirit who helped the bird. Animation — Ivan Solas Music — […]

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New single 2021! Wounded Bird is released

We feel wounded sometimes… and even if there are many wounds and despair… I hope the bird in your heart can fly towards new hopes… The new single Lumiere Tales — Wounded Bird is released! Thanks for the support to Neostatics Sounds Special thanks for the vocal to Erin Avenant Please support the new single: […]

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New single EQUINOX (2020)

New single Equinox out now (2020) New beautiful Lumiere Tales music has officially released! You can find it on Youtube. I will also appreciate if you want to support me by purchasing this music on Beatport Equinox — is a blend of the acoustic instruments (Celtic harp, pan flute, piano) and electronic sound. You can […]

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LUNARIUM — the third Lumiere Tales official release (2019)

The third Lumiere Tales album is officially released! The album’s title is LUNARIUM. Genres: #downtempo #newage #instrumental #celtic #neofolk #indie Album released with the support of Neostatics Sounds label. «Lunarium» includes six tracks created in the period 2015-2019. Every track in the «Lunarium» has its own energy and history. Images of nature… Dreames about fantastic journeys to […]

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The Hologram show with the Harp

The Hologram show with the Harp at the Shakespeare restaurant …. I had a long preparation for this show. The idea of this performance was the visual music. I try to combine the sound of music with a light painting (thanks to Halina Savelyeva, artist and director of the teather Dom Solntsa) and with my […]

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Outlyre Harp Festival (Austria)

Wonderful town Gussing. If anyone going to Austria, please visit this beautiful place. Friendly, hospitable people. Beautiful landscape with the castle of Gussing. In this town we had a great time on the Outlyre Harp Festival I was glad to meet talented musicians and performers Sabine James (Austria — France), Calvin Arsenia (USA), Severine […]